Monday, March 30, 2009

Hack Chaise

"... and I dare say he had heard somehow that Mrs. Long does not keep a carriage, and had to come to the ball in a hack chaise..." (pg. 20)

A "hack chaise" is a rented carriage, like an old-fasioned taxi. This peice of gossip is important because it reveals how the Bennet women, including several other families, see Mr. Darcy. Because of his cool nature, the majority of the people Darcy met at the ball at Meryton now believe him to be extremely proud and that he thinks of himself as above the rest of him. The idea of misjudging people because of their outward actions or appearances is a prominent theme in Jane Austen's novel, just as the people of Meryton misjudge Darcy because he doesn't like conversing with strangers or dancing.


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